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Transitions of KICS for the 4th Industrial Revolution under ICT-Converged Environments

Greetings, dear respectable KICS members!

As the new year of 2017 approaches, we wish you all nothing but the best.

After being mentioned last January at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, the 4th Industrial Revolution has become a universal topic of conversation throughout the entire year. If the 3rd Industrial Revolution is the ¡®automation¡¯ of production due to digitalized information through computers and the Internet, the current 4th Industrial Revolution is the advancement of the more ¡®Intelligent¡¯ society with ICT technology-based knowledge. Innovative technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), robot technology, automated guided vehicles, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, and biotechnology will further accelerate the 4th Industrial revolution.

For example, artificial intelligence, through the usage and learning of big data, is already taking the role of experts in many fields, automated guided vehicles are providing drivers safety and convenience, and drones have lead to the rise of unmanned parcel delivery service. Likewise, the 4th Industrial Revolution, through automation from intellectualization, is expected to quickly bring about a huger evolution in every industry and in the society at large.

At a time like this, we believe ICT Technology Convergene is the most important of all. We are now approaching a hyper-connected society where every person and object is interconnected, going beyond the interconnection of the devices and technological convergence. The Internet of Things is allowing everything to be interconnected and Artificial Intelligence is analyzing big data to create new value of knowledge.

This year, the worldwide CES (Consumer Electronics Show) focused more on the automated guided vehicles of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Hyundai than on new models of TVs and smart phones. Automated guided vehicles themselves are representative samples of the amalgamation of ICT technologies such as software, artificial intelligence, communication, and sensors. Furthermore, GE (General Electric), which was once the center of the manufacturing business, is now transforming into a software company. In an era of the 4th Industrial Revolution Software becomes a vital competence, and ICT convergence industry centered on Software technology is becoming more popular. It is a time for KICS to cope with such transitions. In order to be the best academic society of the ICT convergence area preparing for the 4th Indusrial Revolution, we have a few developmental visions and goals to help bring about new change.

First, we will expand KICS to focus more on ICT convergence from Information communication. We will undertake the establishment of a new research society that will pioneer the 4th Industrial Revolution. We will also develop the ¡°ICT Convergence Korea,¡± which was first held in 2015 and is now being held for the third time, in to a workshop that represents the domestic ICT Convergence.

Second, we will strengthen the society¡¯s internationalization and international cooperation. We will work diligently to establish ICTC, which is now being held for the eighth time, as a prestigous international conference in the field of ICT convergence.. In addition, we will jointly host the international conferences such as APCC and work together to strength the international cooperation with the related domestic and global academic societies such as IEEE, IEICE-CS, CIC and . This year, we are planning to cooperate with IEEE to host the IEEE 802 standardization workshop.

Third, we will propel the regional branch activation through the strengthening of the branch¡¯s role. In order to achieve this, we will provide a strategic policy to raise the participation of the regional branch members, and will co-host various academic events ties with the regionally specialized industries. We will also reinforce academic activity in the already established locations of North America, China, Vietnam, and Ethiopia.

Fourth, we will push to enhance the quality of domestic and international papers. By shortening the review process of KICS Journal for fast publication and SCOPUS registration, we will derive better paper quality through more paper submissions. In addition, we will continue to work hard to re-register JCN for SCI by raising the impact factor. We will also keep working hard for the early SCI registration of ICT Express Letter.

Finally, we will improve the society¡¯s office admistration through IT technology and strengthen its service towards its members. We will enhance the society¡¯s homepage to improve efficiency and convenience, and develop an online textbook about new field of Convergence Technology for members. Furthermore, we will create a resource center for videos of presentational materials of important occasions to provide members with video contents service.

With the aforementioned visions and goals for the development of our society, we will try our best to become the best academic society in the field of ICT convergence that every member will be proud of and satisfied with. We truly appreciate your enthusiastic participation and endless attention and support.

Thank you.