The first institute paper was published on September 1, 1976 as "Korean Institute of Communication Science Paper" (Volume 1, Issue 1) and was published annually. This paper became a quarterly publication in 1982, a bi-monthly publication in 1985, and a monthly publication in 1990. In 1984, the publication was split as "KICS Journals" and "KICS Papers on Information and Communication". As for the "Information and Communication" publication which started on December 1984, it turned into a semi-annual publication in 1986, quarterly publication in 1987, and an annual publication in 1990. The professional journal scientific publication is called the "Korean Institute of Communication Science Journal," and the "KICS Papers on Information and Communication" is abbreviated as "KICS Papers."

In 2007, KICS put much efforts to renovate our 'KICS Papers on Information and Communication' and as a result, KICS changed its logo and symbol. KICS also changed the magazine name from 'KICS Papers on Information and Communication' to 'Information and Communications Magazine.'

'Information and Communications Magazine' is published with 8 ~ 10 articles monthly. It deals with most recent issues and other useful topics. The committee selects each special topic and guest editor after some discussion. It is distributed to all KICS members and other institutes, libraries.