pISSN: 1226-4717, eISSN: 2287-3880
Publisher: The Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences (KICS)
            (Formerly, the Korea Information and Communications Society)
            (KICS homepage:
한국통신학회 논문지 홈페이지 (J-KICS Korean Homepage) :

The Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences (KICS) (formerly, the Korea Information and Communications Society) launched the Journal of Korea Information and Communications Society (J-KICS) (formerly, the Journal of Korean Institute of Communications Sciences) in 1976. During the early six years, this publication was published annually and now it is published monthly since 1990. This publication is printed in three parts such as part A (Communication Theory and Systems), part B (Networks and Services), and part C (Convergence Technologies) since 2001. During the last ten years, about 400 papers have been published yearly. The title of this publication has been changed from the Journal of The Korean Institute of Communication Sciences to the Journal of Korea Information and Communications Society in 2007, under the same ISSN of 1226-4717.

The Journal of Korea Information and Communications Society is an official periodical journal published by the KICS. The official title is “The Journal of Korea Information and Communications Society” and the abbreviated title is “J. Korea Info. Commun. Soc.” (Shortly, “J-KICS” ). This journal was launched in 1976 and now is published monthly. The J-KICS is committed to publish original high-quality papers that advance the state-of-the-art and practical applications of information, communications, networks, and convergence technologies. Theoretical contributions presenting new concepts, techniques or analyses, applied contributions reporting on experiences and experiments, and tutorial expositions of permanent reference value are welcome. This journal covers all topics in the following three parts as: Part A covering communication theory and systems, part B covering networks and services, and part C covering convergence technologies. Potential keywords for each part (but not limited to them) can be found at the J-KICS website: J-KICS(A,B,C)_Keywords.

The manuscript should be written in Korean or English. For Korean manuscript, however, the keywords, references, and all captions and contents for tables and figures should be written or described in English; and in addition, the English title and English abstract are required.

Ethics for Publication
For information on the publication ethics bylaws and manuscript ethics bylaws, please download KICS Publication Ethics Bylaws and KICS Manuscript Ethics Bylaws.

Copyright Statement and Manuscript Declaration
It is the policy of the KICS to own the copyright to the publications of the technical contributions. Author(s) is(are) required to obtain company clearance before submission. The author(s) may make their papers available on their own websites, with acknowledgement of the KICS copyright. This manuscript should not have been published in the past and/or submitted to other academic journals with the purpose of publication. Nor should be there any plan for such submission.
At the initial submission time, author(s) will be asked to complete and submit by e-mail the
Request for Publication and Agreement to Copyright Transfer (RP&ACT) form.

Manuscript Classification and Submission Fee
The manuscript will be classified into four classes: the general manuscript, urgent manuscript, special issue, and express manuscript. The 1st-round reviews for the general, urgent(special), and express manuscripts shall be completed within two months, six weeks, and two weeks, respectively. Please see the J-KICS Guidelines for Submission and Publication for the detail of submission and publication fees.

Submission Procedure
Submission procedure proceeds totally online through the J-KICS submission and editorial system (hereafter, referred to as the system). The system will guide you step-by-step during all the steps of submission procedure. All correspondences including notification of the editor‘s decisions and comments including the reviewers‘ comments, and requests for revision, take place by e-mail.

 (1) Submission guides for the initial manuscript
    ※ Must-read: The author(s) who is(are) going to submit the manuscript for publication to the J-KICS published by
         the KICS must read and understand the following three items:
     - KICS Publishing Ethics Bylaws
     - KICS Manuscript Ethics Bylaws
     - J-KICS Guidelines for Submission and Publication
    ※ Please proceed the manuscript submission through the J-KICS submission and editorial system, in accordance
         to stepwise guides and tips.
    ※ Once the manuscript submission has been completed, please fill the two forms such as the
        Request for Submission (RS) form and the RP&ACT form, and send both of them to the J-KICS editorial office
        (hereafter, referred to as the office.) by e-mail ( or fax (+82-2-539-5588).
 (2) Submission guides for the revised manuscript
    ※ Please login the submission and editorial system again, and confirm the manuscript title and authors‘ information
         by clicking the concerned manuscript number.
    ※ Please proceed the submission of the revised manuscript through the submission and editorial system,
         in accordance with stepwise guides and tips. (*Notice: Even in the revised manuscript, delete any
        author-identifiable information. Any disclosure to any author-identifiable information may be subject
         to disadvantageous actions) 
    ※ Please upload the separate “Response to the Request for Revision” file into “the Attachment Field” on
        the system.

 (3) Submission guides for the final manuscript
    ※ Please login the submission and editorial system again, and confirm the manuscript title and authors’ information
        by clicking the concerned manuscript number.
    ※ In case of title and/or authors’ information changes, please edit the final manuscript as you want. But,
         you should submit the Reason to Change(s)” to the editor in charge and acquire an approval from the editor.
         (*Notice: Once the final manuscript has been submitted, further author change(s) shall not be allowed any
    ※ Please upload the separate “Reason to Change(s)” file into “the Attachment Field” on the system again.

Guidelines for Submission
 (1) The corresponding author of a manuscript should be an active KICS member in the year of submission.
 (2)At the submission time, a substantial content of the manuscript should not be overlapped with one’s own
      manuscript already submitted or published to other publication(s).
 (3)The submission date shall be designated as the date when, after manuscript submission through
      the submission and editorial system, the J-KICS editorial office receives the RS form and the RP&ACT form and
      confirms the payment deposit for submission fee. (Notice: For submission on Saturdays or public holidays,
      the first subsequent weekday shall be considered as the submission date.) The payment should be made to
      [Woori Bank: 133-020392-13-002, KICS].
 (4) After the manuscript submission and the payment deposit, complete and submit the RS form to the office by
       e-mail or fax (+82-2-539-5588).
 (5) Manuscript submissions should be made only through the system.
   A. Upload the Korean abstract within 600 characters or the English abstract within 200 words into the system, and
         upload the manuscript file (including the abstract) in a pdf or hwp format, into the system.
   B. The filename should contain only English alphabets, numbers, and/or hyphens, without any author-identifiable
         information, for example 20390212.pdf or ATM.hwp.
 (6) All correspondences including the confirmation to submission and any editorial decisions and comments will
         be sent to the corresponding author by e-mail. If the corresponding author’s information has been changed,
         the change(s) should be notified to the office.
 (7) In case of resubmission after the revision, the resubmission date will be re-designated as the submission date.
 (8) Manuscripts in violation of submission guidelines shall not be accepted.
 (9) When sending the RS form, complete the RP&ACT form as well and send it to the office by
         e-mail ( or fax       (+82-2-539-5588).
 (10) For all submission inquiries, refer to the J-KICS website, or contact the office by e-mail (
        or phone(+82-2-3453-5555, ext. 2).

Checklist for Authors
At the initial submission time, author(s) also will be asked to complete and submit by e-mail the 'Request for Submission' form.

Manuscript Preparation
 (1)The manuscript should be organized as follows.
    A. Organize the manuscript in the order of the Korean/English title, Korean/English abstract, English keywords,
         introduction, main body, conclusion, appendices, and English references. The main body can be subdivided
         into two or more sections. There  is no page limit. (The Korean/English captions for tables and figures should
         be included in the main body. All additional files for  tables and figures should be compressed into a single file,
         and then the single file should be uploaded into the system.)
    B. Describe all the contents of tables and figures in English and they should be readable on the publication.
    C. Give the reference numbers in brackets of the main body, located at the right upper side of each citation
          (e.g., communications[2], networks[2-6], and services[1-2,7].)
    D. Delete all author-identifiable information in the manuscript. (The author(s) shall take the responsibility for
         any disadvantages due to the disclosure of any author-identifiable information.)
 (2) Submission for revised manuscript should adhere to the following:
    A. Submit the revised manuscript with the ‘Response to the Request for Revision’ form along with the editorial
         decision and comments, which should include item-wise responses to comments and the corresponding
         corrections. B. Indicate the corrections in the revised manuscript, in red or blue.
    C. Designate the filename of the n-th revised manuscript as ‘(manuscript no.)_nth revision.(hwp or pdf)’ and the
         filename of the response letter as ‘(manuscript no.)_nth response.(hwp or pdf)’ . Upload both the files into
         the system or send them to the office by e-mail.
    D. In case of not submitting the revised manuscript within the deadline, please send the “Reason(s) for Delays”
         and a possible submission date to the editor in charge, and acquire an approval for the delayed submission
         from him/her. In case of not submitting ‘Reason(s) for Delay’ within the deadline, the resubmission shall be
         considered as “withdrawn” .
 (3) References should be cited in the main body, and listed in English in the manner shown below. Journal titles and
         book titles should be italicized. The references should include at least one paper published in Korean domestic
         conference proceedings or Korean domestic journals.
    A. Journal: name(s) of author(s), “title,” journal title, volume, issue, page, month, year.
    B. Book: name(s) of author(s), book title (Ed.), (city:)publisher, (page), year.
    C. Conference proceeding: name(s) of author(s), “title,” in Proc. conference title, page, city, country, month,
    D. Cyber-material: (name), title(year), “Retrieved” month, day, year, “from” URL. 

         ※ EXAMPLE ※
    A. Reference to a journal publication
      [1] S. K. Oh and E. B. Goldsmith, “The better manuscript preparation for speedy publication,” J. Commun.
           Networks (JCN), vol. 13, no. 6, pp. 10-16, Dec. 2011.
    B. Reference to a book
      [2] J. K. White, Communications and Networks, 2nd Ed., Seoul:KICS Press, 2010.
    C. Reference to a conference proceeding publication
      [3] K. B. Lee, S. Smith, and K. K. Silver, “Conference proceeding paper,” in Proc. KICS Int. Conf. Commun. 2010
          (KICS ICC 2010)
, pp. 201-205, Jeju Island, Korea, June 2010.
    D. Reference to a cyber-material
      [4] J. Park, A Guide to Journal Publication(2011), Retrieved Aug., 30, 2012, from


 (1) When a manuscript has been accepted for publication, all author(s) must submit person-wise photos, research
      interests, and brief biographies. The final manuscript should be prepared according to
       the J-KICS publication guideline.
 (2) For publication of the accepted manuscript, the first and corresponding author(s) should be active KICS
       member(s) in the year of publication. The final manuscript should include the author information as follows.
    A. In the first page: below the title.
    B. In the last page: in author's biographies.
 (3) For publication of the accepted manuscript, one of the first and corresponding author(s) should pay the
       publication fee below and other expenses. Other expenses will be determined by the editorial board.
 (4) The publication fee will be charged to the first and corresponding author(s) after the first editing of the final

 (1) One copy of the printed journal and 20 reprints will be given to the paid author(s). The journal copy and
       reprints will be mailed to the address of the corresponding author.
 (2) Additional fees may be charged to the first and corresponding author(s) in case of the following.
    A. If errors are found after editing and proofreading by fault of the author(s).
    B. If some additional work is required for editing and proofreading.
    C. If more than 20 reprints are requested.

 Parts  Annual Rates  After 1st July
 Part A: Communication Theory and Systems  One part  15,000won  10,000won
 Part B: Networks and Services  Two parts  20,000won  15,000won
 Part C: Convergence Technologies  Three parts  25,000won  20,000won
*All the subscribers are required to become a member of KICS before subscription

All submitted manuscripts are blindly peer-reviewed by three qualified reviewers. An editor on Editorial Board below is in charge of selecting three reviewers in consideration of subject fields, collecting at least two reviewers’ reports from them in order to make the 1st-round decision, and informing to the author(s) of the 1st-round editor’s decision with some editor’s comments. All the comments and questions from the reviewers also are sent to facilitate the revision for the final version or the 2nd-round review version of the manuscript. However, the names of reviewers are not revealed to the author(s).

The full-text documents published in the J-KICS are available on the websites in English and in Korean.

 -  Indexed in the Korea Citation Index (KCI)
 -  Indexed in the Korean Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI)
 -  Indexed in the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST)
 -  Partially funded by the KOFST Grant funded by the Korean Government (MEST)

Chair Oh, Seong Keun/Dept. ECE, Ajou Univ., KOREA
Vice Chair Kim, Sun Yong/Dept. EE, Konkuk Univ., KOREA
Assistant vice chairs Chung, Sae-Young/Dept. EE, KAIST, KOREA Lee, Jang-Won/Dept. EE, Yonsei Univ., KOREA
Editor-in-Chief Chang, KyungHi/Dept. EE, Inha Univ., KOREA
Chong, Song/Dept. EE, KAIST, KOREA
Oh, Jongtaek/Dept. Info. Comm., Hansung Univ., KOREA
Lee, Jaejin/Sch. EE, Soongsil Univ., KOREA
Yoo, Myungsik/Sch. EE, Soongsil Univ., KOREA
Secretary Kim, Kwang Soon/Dept. EE, Yonsei Univ., KOREA
Cho, Sungrae/Sch. CSE, Chung-Ang Univ., KOREA
Kim, Jae-Hyun/Dept. ECE, Ajou Univ., KOREA
Han, Dong Seog/Sch. EE, Kyungpook Nat'l Univ., KOREA
  Bae, Cheol Soo/Dept. ECE, Kwandong Univ., KOREA
Bahk, Saewoong/Dept. ECE, Seoul Nat'l Univ., KOREA
Byun, Jae Ho/ETRI, KOREA
Cha, Jaesang/Dept. Elec. IT Media Eng., Seoul Nat'l Univ. Sci. Tech., KOREA
Cho, Ho-Shin/Sch. EE, Kyungpook Nat'l Univ., KOREA
Cho, Moo Ho/Kyongju Univ., KOREA
Choe, Yoonsik/Dept. EE, Yonsei Univ., KOREA
Choi, Cheon Won/Dept. CE, Dankook Univ., KOREA
Choi, Hyoung-Kee/College Info. Comm., Sungkyunkwan Univ., KOREA
Choi, Jinho/Sch. Eng., Swansea Univ., UK
Choi, Sunwoong/Dept. EE, Koomin Univ., KOREA
Choi, Yong-Hoon/Sch. Robotics, Kwangwoon Univ., KOREA
Chong, Song/Dept. EE, KAIST, KOREA
Chung, Jaehak/Dept. EE, Inha Univ., KOREA
Chung, Jong-Moon/Sch. EE, Yonsei Univ., KOREA
Chung, Min Young/Dept. EE, Sungkyunkwan Univ., KOREA
Chung, Yun Won/Sch. EE, Soongsil Univ., KOREA
Eum, Suyong/Nat’l Inst. Info. Comm. Tech., JAPAN
Ha, Jeongseok/Dept. EE, KAIST, KOREA
Han, Tae Hee/Dept. Semicon. Syst. Eng., Sungkyunkwan Univ., KOREA
Ho, Yo-Sung/School of Info. & Comm., Gwangju Inst. Sci. Tech., KOREA
Hong, Choong Seon/Dept. CE, Kyung Hee Univ., KOREA
Hong, Min-Cheol/Sch. EE, Soongsil Univ., KOREA
Hwang, Chansoo/R&D Div., ASSIA Inc., USA
Hwang, In-Chul/Dept. ECEE, Kangwon Nat'l Univ., KOREA
Hwang, Seung-Hoon/Div. EEE, Dongguk Univ., KOREA
Hyun, Kyung Sook/Dept. Optical Eng., Sejong Univ., KOREA
Im, Eul Gyu/Div. CSE, Hanyang Univ., KOREA
Jang, Jong Pyo/Dept. SW Qual. Eval., TTA, KOREA
Jang, Jongwook/Dept. CE, Dong-Eui Univ., KOREA
Jeon, Hyoung-Goo/Dept. ICE, Dong-Eui Univ., KOREA
Jeong, Daein/College Eng., Hankuk Univ. Foreign Studies, KOREA
Jun, Kyungkoo/Dept. ESE, Univ. Incheon, KOREA
Kahng, Sungtek/Dept. Info. Telecomm., Univ. Incheon, KOREA
Kang, Min-Goo/Dept. Info. Comm., Hanshin Univ., KOREA
Kim, Dong Il/Dept. ICE, Dong-Eui Univ., KOREA
Kim, Duk Kyung/Dept. ICE, Inha Univ., KOREA
Kim, Hong Kook/Sch. Info. Comm., Gwangju Inst. Sci. Tech., KOREA
Kim, Ilmin/Dept. ECE, Queens Univ., CANADA
Kim, Jinsang/Dept. Elec. Radio Eng., Kyung Hee Univ., KOREA
Kim, Joohee Kim/Dept. ECE, Illinois Inst. Tech., USA
Kim, Kyeong Jin/R&D Div., Mitsubishi Elec. Res. Labs, USA
Kim, Moonil/Sch. EE, Korea Univ., KOREA
Kim, Namyun/Dept. Info. Syst. Eng., Hansung Univ., KOREA
Kim, Sangwoo/Dept. ECE, IOWA State Univ., USA
Kim, Sooyoung/Div. EE, Chonbuk Nat'l Univ., KOREA
Kim, Young-Han/Dept. ECE, UC San Diego, USA
Kim, Yun Hee/Dept. Elec. RadioEng., Kyung Hee Univ., KOREA
Ko, Hak-Lim/Dept. ECE, Hoseo Univ., KOREA
Ko, Young-Bae/Div. CSE, Ajou Univ., KOREA
Ko, Young-Chai/Sch. EE, Korea Univ., KOREA
Koh, Il Suek/Dept. EE, Inha Univ., KOREA
Kwon, Hyuck M./Dept. ECE, Wichita State Univ., USA
Kwon, Youngmi/Dept Info. Comm., Chungnam Nat'l Univ., KOREA
Lee, l-Kyoo/Div. Electric. Electron. Cont. Eng., Kongju Nat'l Univ., KOREA
Lee, Daniel C./Sch. Eng. Sci., Simon Fraser Univ., CANADA
Lee, Dong Myung/Dept. CE, Tongmyong Univ., KOREA
Lee, Heejo/Dept. CSE, Korea Univ., KOREA
LEE, HyeonWoo/Prog. Dir, KEIT, KOREA
Lee, Hyukjoon/Dept. CE, Kwangwoon Univ., KOREA
Lee, Il Woo/Smart Grid Tech. Team, ETRI, KOREA
Lee, Jonggil/Dept. Info. Telecomm., Univ. Incheon, KOREA
Lee, Jong-Hyouk/Dept. of Computer S/W Eng., Sangmyung Univ., KOREA
Lee, Jung Ryun/Sch. EEE, Chung-Ang Univ., KOREA
Lee, Sang Sun/Dept. ECE, Hanyang Univ., KOREA
Lee, Seok-Pil/Div. DMT, Sangmyung Univ., KOREA
Lee, Seong Ro/Dept. EE Mokpo Univ., KOREA
Lee, Tae-Jin/College Info. Comm., Sungkyunkwan Univ., KOREA
Lee, Wonjun/Dept. CSE, Korea Univ., KOREA
Lee, Young Choon/Sch. Info. Tech., Univ. Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Lee. Ghang-Ho Lee/Dept. ECE, California State Univ., USA
Lim, Sungjoon/Sch. CSE, Chung-Ang Univ., KOREA
Min, Sang Won/Dept. ECE, Kwangwoon Univ., KOREA
Oh, Seong Keun/Dept. ECE, Ajou Univ., KOREA
Pack, Sangheon/Sch. EE, Korea Univ., KOREA
Paik, In-Cheon/Div. Info. Syst., Univ. Aizu, JAPAN
Park, Jae-Hyeung/Sch. Info. Comm., Chungbuk Nat'l Univ., KOREA
Park, Jae-Hyun/Sch. CSE, Chung-Ang Univ., KOREA
Park, Jaesung/Dept. Info. Sec., Suwon Univ., KOREA
Park, Jong Hyun/ETRI, KOREA
Park, Seokji/Tech. Strat. Studies Div., ETRI, KOREA
Park, So Ryoung/Dept. ICEE, Catholic Univ. Korea, KOREA
Rim, Minjoong/Dept. Info. Telecomm., Dongguk Univ., KOREA
Ryu,Chul/Dept. ICE, Dongguk Univ., KOREA
Shin, Dong-Joon/Dept. EE, Hanyang. Univ., KOREA
Shin, Jitae/Dept. EE, Sungkyunkwan Univ., KOREA
Shin, Yoan/Sch. EE, Soongsil Univ., KOREA
Song, Hwangjun/Dept. CSE, POSTECH, KOREA
Song, Hyoung Kyu/Dept. ICE, Sejong Univ., KOREA
Song, Iickho/Dept. EE, KAIST, KOREA
Song, Moon Kyou/Dept. ECE, Wonkwang Univ., KOREA
Song, Yun-Jeong/ETRI, KOREA
Sung, Wonjin/Dept. EE, Sogang Univ., KOREA
Yoon, Chongho/Dept. ECE, Korea Aerospace Univ., KOREA
Yoon, Seokho/College Info. Comm., Sungkyunkwan Univ., KOREA
You, Cheolwoo/Dept. Info. Comm., Myongji Univ., KOREA
Youn, Sangboh/Wireless Comm. Div., Samsung USA, USA

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