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제 목 [Vol.18 No.4, August 2016]
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작성일 2016-09-22 조 회 1514
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Energy Efficient Internet Networks
Hierarchical Power Management Architecture and Optimal Local Control Policy for Energy Efficient Networks  
Yifei Wei*, Xiaojun Wang, Leonardo Fialho**, Roberto Bruschi, Olga Ormond, and Martin Collier
(*Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Dublin City University, **University of Texas)
Design of Low Power All-Optical Networks with Dynamic Lightpath Establishment
Kouji Hirata*, Kohei Ito, Yutaka Fukuchi, and Masahiro Muraguchi
(*Kansai University, Tokyo University of Science)
Energy-Aware Traffic Engineering in Hybrid SDN/IP Backbone Networks
Yunkai Wei, Xiaoning Zhang, Lei Xie, and Supeng Leng
(University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)
Energy Efficient Wireless Networks
Dynamic Cell Reconfiguration Framework for Energy Conservation in Cellular Wireless Networks
Kyuho Son, Ranjini Guruprasad*, Santosh Nagaraj**, Mahasweta Sarkar**, and Sujit Dey*
(T-Mobile US, *University of California, **San Diego State University)
Delay-Constrained Energy-Efficient Cluster-based Multi-Hop Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Trong-Thua Huynh, Anh-Vu Dinh-Duc*, and Cong-Hung Tran**
(Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, *University of Information Technology and Vietnam National University,
**Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology)
Energy-Efficient Power Control for Underlaying D2D Communication with Channel Uncertainty: User-Centric Versus Network-Centric
Jianfeng Ding, Lingge Jiang, and Chen He
(Shanghai Jiaotong University)
Energy Efficient Wireless Transceiver Design
Two-Stage Base Station Sleeping Scheme for Green Cellular Networks
Juwo Yang, Xing Zhang, and Wenbo Wang
(Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)
Energy-Saving Strategy for Green Cognitive Radio Networks with an LTE-Advanced Structure
Shunfu Jin, Xiaotong Ma, and Wuyi Yue*
(Yanshan University, *Konan University)
Power-Efficient Rate Allocation of Wireless Access Networks with Sleep-Operation Management for Multihoming Services
Joohyung Lee*, Seonghwa Yun*, Hyeontaek Oh**, S. H. Shah Newaz**, Seong Gon Choi, and Jun Kyun Choi**
(*Samsung Electronics **Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Chungbuk National University)
Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Multi-User AF Two-Way Relay Channels
Seongjin Kim and Heejung Yu*
(Defense Agency for Technology and Quality, *Yeungnam University)
Wireless Communications
On Antenna Orientation for Inter-Cell Interference Coordination in Cellular Network MIMO Systems
Jeng-Shin Sheu, Shin-Hong Lyu*, and Chuan-Yuan Huang**
(University of Science & Technology, *PROMISE Technology, Inc, **Institute for Information Industry)
Energy Efficiency of Distributed Massive MIMO Systems
Chunlong He, Jiajia Yin, Yejun He, Min Huang, and Bo Zhao
(Shenzhen University)
Networks and Services
Bidding, Pricing, and User Subscription Dynamics in Asymmetric-Valued Korean LTE Spectrum Auction: A Hierarchical Dynamic Game Approach
Sang Yeob Jung and Seong-Lyun Kim
(Yonsei University)